Leandro Mendoza Artagaveitia

Artistic Director

 In line with my concern for artistic expression within the circus I have felt the need to generate spaces on stage,organize teams and share thoughts about our work.I have been the driving force behind various projects devoted to training,creativity,production and staging.Furthermore I have designed geometries that required new circus equipment made with natural materials.Thught and tecnique at the service of an honest professional history.

Professional Career

· Artistic Director.Ciclicus Espectacles S.L. was appointed the Artistic Direction of the Feria de Circo Trapezi on Feb 1st 2017.This post will be held by Leandro Mendoza for the coming two series.Trapezi is a circus festival that has been running for 21 years.The city of Reus hosts circus shows for 4 days.This festival is considered to be the most important of the

Iberian Peninsula.More than 40 companies stage their shows in theatres,tents and even in the city streets.In this way the city promotes a festival in constant growth that offers over 150 shows.The cabaret show stands out from the rest.It consists of a large size street show which gathers audiences of over 3,000 people.The festival hosts a wide range of activities  as well,such as debates and cooperation with European projects.As a result it is given wide coverage on the media.Its organization requires a staff of 200 workers who do their best to wellcome audiences that rose to 100,000 last year.It is sponsored by the Reus Town Hall and the Generalitat de Catalunya with the suppot of the INAEM and the Diputació de Tarragona. 

·2017 Member of the Jury for the Premi de Circ Ciutat de Barcelona,Barcelona Townhall.

·2017 Member of the Jury for the Premio Nacional de Circo,Ministry of Culture,Spain.

· 2014 Lecturer: Circus Technique.SESC Sao Paulo ( Brazil )

· 2012 Lecturer : “ Creative processes in circus shows”.

A series of daily lectures given in La Central del Circ ( Barcelona) and La Granerie ( Toulouse).

· 2011- 2012 Artistic Director of La Central del Circ,Fábrica de Creació, Barcelona Townhall, managed by the APCC.

Together with  the Management Board he contributed in the making of the activity planning of this institution.The planning involved goals,general guidelines,contents,and included the writing of a report on these activities.He was responsible for selecting the creativity work plan for circus artists in residence.This work plan included training courses on circus skills and creativity laborarories.He also had to see to and keep residential artists company.He was responsible for fealing with the media as well.He attended meetings concerning the project with the Barcelona Townhall,fortnightly meetings with the APCC Management,monthly meetingswith users and weekly team meetings.He took part in European projectssuac as Cirque O’ ( Midi-Pyrenées and Catalunya),Circus Next (France,England,Italy,Spain,Belgium),Grunit ( Italy,France,Belgium,Catalunya).This project stressed the importance of improving social conditions by means of various art forms.Among them,Memorias a project carried out by 10 highly motivated elderly women. 

· 2008 Technical design of circus facilities: La Central del Circ,Barcelona Town Hall and APCC.He formed part of the team responsible for the technical design to build La Central del Circ,a training and residential centre in the Forum of Barcelona.The design included a 600 sq m. training hall,4 rooms for creativity,a fully equipped hall for staging.An inventory of the circus apparatus needed was made,including the user’s guide and how to install these apparatuses.In order to carry out this project the architects involved in it visited important circus facilities: Escuela Fratellini (Paris),Teatro Circo Price (Madrid),La Granerie (Toulouse),ESAC (Brussels).The enw facility opened its doors in 2011 and it is currently a reference for professionals devoted to creativity.

·2007-2011 He was a member of the Board of the APCC ( Association of Circus Professionals of Catalunya).

It is during this period that the General Ciscus Planning was implemented by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat.He attended regular quarterly meetings at this time.

·2004-2007- La Vela.Residential centre for circus companies.Vilanova i La Geltrú.He worked and stayed in this centre as a member of the circus company Cortocirquito.He was the driving force behind the creation of a Christmas circus.This circus has formed part of the city’s cultural calendar ion ever since.In its first year he coordinated and took part  in the production of “Clan Babel”.In this production he worked with the person responsible for the design of the equipment Bienvenido Moya.

·2002 Teaching: Intensive course dealing with how to handle objects regarding space.

Circus School Rogelio Rivel,Barcelona.

2001-2011 Creator and Artistic Director of the Curtcircuit Festival of Montgat.This year it has celebrated its 17th year run.Leandro Mendoza was at the helm of this festival for 10 years.During this period he shared its artistic direction with José Antonio Hernández (Joselito) and was the Technical Manager.Besides sharing decisions regarding artistic guidelines and dealing with the press,he was also responsible for organizing circus workshops and a big cabaret show every year. 

·2000-2004 He was a teacher at the Escuela de Circo Rogelio Rivel Barcelona.His main specializations were juggling and object handling.He formed part of the school Board and of the teaching staff.He also collaborated executing technical work to contribute to the maintenance of the school’s facilities.

·1996 Atenti Variete Buenos Aires.Main driving force of the project.This project consisted of a cabaret show staged once a month throughout one year.It brought together artists of different areas and ended with a concert.

Throughout his professional career he has taken part in international Fairs and Festivals.This experience enabled him to establish contacts with artists who helped to carry out artistic projects.Among these we can mention: Auch,Polo Circo, Trapezi,Circo’s La Bisbal d’Empordá,Circade,Circols,Tárrega,Pizarra,Etnosur etc.


·Premi de Circ de la Ciutat de Barcelona 2016 for the Artistic Direction of “ El Guadual” 

· Special prize from the Jury,Premios Zircolika 2015 fro the show “ Pals”

Artistic Director

· April 2018 “ A smile on the landing” Teatre Lliure.Advisor on stage and circus motion.Adaptation from Henry Miller’s play directed by Ramón Simó and produced by Teatre Lliure Barcelona.

·November 2017 “ El Atrapa tiempos “ ( Time catcher ).

This show was especially designed for the moment when Christmas lights were turned on in the city of Reus.Three main artists were on stage: Pepa Plana,Nan Valentí and Tanja Haupt.It included live music and guest artists from La Tal,Las Chapetas and Circo Las compañias.

· September 2017 “ Pequeña historia de un gran paisaje”( A short tale of a great landscape).This our latest show opened on September 23rd at the Mercé Arts de Carrer with nine performances.It is a large size show with nine artists and live music.This show blends the traditional circus with the contemporary one, reflecting upon the changes  our western society has undergone with hilarious playwriting.This show was produced by Cíclicus Espectacles S.L with the support of the Institut Catalá d’Empreses Culturals,Generalitat de Catalunya.

· January 2017-Globus

This show was ordered to celebrate the election of the city os Reus as the Cultural Catalan Capital on January 2017.The show included traditional associations such as Castellers,Diables,Baile de Bastons (Baton dancing),Choir and the city’s bestiary.All of these associations joined pou contemporary circus company Ciclicus to stage a show whick had a cast of 180 people.

· 2016 “ El Guadual”

This was a coproduction between la Fundación Sánchez Aguilar of Guayaquil (Ecuador) and the Grec Festival of Barcelona with the support of the Institut Catalá d’Empreses Culturals,Generalitat de Catalunya and the INAEM.The show included 10 circus artists and two musicians playing live.It opened in the city of Guayaquil in May 2016, and later in Barcelona it was performed in the Festival Grec at the Mercat de Les Flors in July.This show is still on tour and was performed at the Teatro Nacional de Ecuador in Quito and at the Festival Nacional de Artes Vivas in Loja (Ecuador) in November 2017.

· Leandro Mendoza Artagaveitía was awarded the Premio Ciudad de Barcelona de Circo 2016 for the artistic direction of “ El Guadual”.

· 2015 “ Pals”

It opened in the Festival de Barcelona Grec 2015 in July 2015.It is a coproduction between the Festival Grec and the Festival Polo Circo de Buenos Aires ( Argentina) with the support of the Institut Catalá d’Empreses Culturals and the INAEM.This show has been performed in various cities of various countries ( Buenos Aires,Sao Paulo,Rio de Janeiro,Guayaquil) and it is still on an international tour.The show’s main artistic feature is a set of apparatuses made of wood which is assembled on stage with no anchoring.These apparatuses lend the show a special atmosphere that enhances the staging of the narrative.

“ Pals” was awarded the Premi Especial del Jurat of the Premios Zircolika 2015.

· 2015 “ La Tartana”

He created and directed the show “ La Tartana”.It opened at the Muestra de Igualada in 2016.It was on tour for three seasons htt—

· 2013-2014

He was given a grant called CONCA for creative playwriting.After being artistic director of La Central del Circ and having directed the show “Retalls” he turned his attention to playwriting.Pals was his first play.In this play he describes an unusual story: the sorrow a circus company feels for the loss of one of its members.A story that breaks the mould of joy and colour of past circus shows and opens a new gate for human emotions to be reflected upon a circus show. Pals interview: Ramón Simó and Leandro Mendoza htt—

· 2013 “ Retalls”

He was the artistic director of this show.The show was coproduced by the Festival Grec of Barcelona and was first staged at the Mercat de Les Flors.It was highly praised by press reviews.Nine artists from different companies took part in it:Nacho Flores,La Clandestina,Nacho Ricchi,Capgirades and Psirc.This experience as the artistic director of a circus show allowed him to find his mettle and to begin to ponder over the role a director/ playwright in a circus show has htt—

· 2012 “ Baile de títeres” ( Puppet dance)

He was responsible for the circus motion of this play.It had a cast of 19 artists and was directed by Ramón Simó.It was produced and staged at the Teatro Nacional de Catalunya for Christmas 2012-2013.He created individual and group choreography,handling of objects,acrobatic falls, fights,etc.

· 2010 He was given the grant called CONCA for show production.He created a set of apparatuses for the show Pals.He designed and built four circus apparatuses never used before.They were not anchored to the stage and were made of solid natural wood.They required a load test and a certificate issued by an engineering office.The aim of this project was to produce a new show using natural materials,technology and industrial testing.The objects designed were: Mast,Gate,Iron Foot and a Merry-go-rouund.

·2009 “ Cíclicus”

This was the company’s first show he produced directed by Joan Busquets.It was staged for four years and was shown in festivals,theatres,squares and schools.The show was on tour thoughout Spain mainly in theatres and squares.

He created together with Tanja Haupt the company Cíclicus in 2009.He has been its artistic director ever since and this task has helped him to develop his own language and narrative.He aims to stir the imagination of the audience and to seek their emotional involvement in all its shows.

· 2002 Cortocirquito

He was a member of the Cortocirquito company founded in 2002.He created the show “ Tiempo de Circo” which went on tour internationally for four years and made over 100 performances. ( Brazil,Italy,France) 

Circus Artist

He has taken part in a wide number of shows as a circus artist,specialized in juggling,boleadoras,acrobatics and acrobatic bicycle.


· “Cíclicus”.Cíclicus Company,2009 htt—-

· “La historia de un soldado” ( A soldier’s story).El Obrador Company 2007.

· “ Sonidos de Circo”. Symphonic Orchestra del Vallés,2007.

· New Year’s Eve ConcertTV3,2006.

· “Clan Babel”,Cortocirquito Company,2009 htt–

· “ Tiempo de Circo”. Cortocirquito Company 2003-2007.

· “ Juegos con mazas” (Games with hammers) one- man show directed by Joan Armengol 2000.


· “ Pica,Pica”, Bajada 1996.

· “ El Patio” ( The yard).Los Calandracas 1995-1996 “ Venimos de muy lejos” ( We come from afar ).

· Catalinas Sur,1994 “ La ley del malabar” ( the law of juggling) one-man show 1993.

After having performed for nearly 20 years on the circus ring,while doing his own research his professional career took a turn.He felt the nee to focus on his new task as director and playwright three years ago.



Joan Armengol i Moliner ( “Terres d’escudella”, TVE1)

Joan was a founding member of the company Comediants together with Joan Fons.

Masque techniques,Characters from the Comedia dell Arte.

Training in the handling of emotions on stage.

Joan Busquets Portero ( Companya Infima La Puca ).A great enthusiast of the circus.He developed staging seen from composition.

· 2006-2007

Safety techniques courses I,II,III level

The courses were dictated by Thomas Louriox,an engineer specialized in circus facilities.

· 2000-2003

Escuela Rogelio Rivel,Barcelona

Acrobatic training with Vicente Espinoza ( Escuela Nacional de Circo de Cuba)

· 1996-1998

José Machete,well known international artist.This teacher instructed him in the technique of boleadoras based on a folk dance called Malambo.

· 1994-1996

Escuela Ortanei de Circo,Berazategui.

Teachers: Pablitín Ortanei,Lalo Ortanei and Mario Pérez.

Group acrobatics,first staged show,various techniques.


Escuela de Circo Criollo of the Videla Brothers.Sociedad Argentina de Actores, Buenos Aires.

Acrobatics,juggling,keeping your balance on objects,cable.

History of the circus by Beatriz Seibel.